Database Cleaning

There are no limitations to our data processing capabilities - you will benefit from our use of internally developed programmes for total customisation and control.

We can run your mailing files against the Mailing Preference Service suppression file, bereavement registers and change of address files to ensure that your mailing only reaches a receptive audience.

We can also undertake the validation of your address lists against Royal Mail's PAF (Postcode Address File) to ensure address accuracy.

We regularly undertake a complete range of data preparation processes which can make the difference between a good mailing list and a great mailing list, such as:

  • Converting MIXEd or UPPER case to correctly cased
  • Generating correct salutations from any full-name string
  • Adding Mr/Ms prefixes to identifiable forenames
  • De-duplicating your address list at individual, company or address level to avoid costly and unprofessional multiple mail pack receipt
  • Geographic sortation for postal discounts using Mailsort®, Walksort® or Downstream Access and overseas consolidation
  • Merging of multiple lists to maximise discounts
  • Ensuring that your existing customers are excluded from new prospect mailings
  • Barcode generation for swift capturing of responses

You can opt to have your undeliverable mail returned directly to us and we will data capture the details and export back to you to update your mailing list for future mailings.

Use our in-house data capture service to key information from coupons, surveys and other response devices and receive the information you need in electronic format.

All your data processing requirements can be accommodated by our in-house programmers and for your peace of mind, and in-line with the Data Protection Act 1998, we are registered with the information Commissioner's Office as data controller.

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We have over 28 years of experience in the direct mail industry. Our experienced team have worked at a variety of mailing companies learning the skills of the direct mail & printing trade.

We know how to organise a successful direct mail campaign and avoid all the pitfalls!

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“We came to GD Laser with a project that other companies found daunting. GD were positive, responsive and their systems extremely professional.

It felt like we spoke for the first time at the end of Thursday and two days later 15,000 salons had our product. That’s why we’ll use them again.”

Nick Plunkett, Trichocare, April 2007. More testimonials

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