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Our investment in sophisticated printing equipment has been complemented by our introduction of state-of-the-art machine enclosing technology which allows us to offer our clients maximum flexibility and the option to produce highly complex mailing packs at very high speeds with low unit costs.

Our versatile machinery enables us to fulfil all manner of mailings from a simple letter into a window envelope to more complex packs containing items that would normally necessitate hand enclosing, such as CDs, books of raffle tickets, window stickers and even sachets of shampoo.

Our latest machine has wide-ranging capabilities, which are fully detailed in our Plant List & Capabilities document, but the main benefits are:

  • 7 input stations including a high capacity sheet feeder and folder unit which enables us to take your letters straight from the printer onto the enclosing machine
  • We were the first mailing house to incorporate 5 Lake Image Systems cameras onto an enclosing machine, enabling us to verify the integrity of the finished mailing pack by capturing an OCR numeric code on each personalised element
  • This powerful coding system enables us to:
    • • Feed a single page or collate a set of pages from the sheet feeder and fold
    • • Match this “prime document” to up to 3 further personalised items
    • • Insert into a matching inkjet personalised envelope
    • • Include specific inserts for selected packs. For example, you could include a money-off voucher for only your highest value customers. Another example would be to enclose a promotional flyer or invitation just to people living in a particular area. Alternatively you could test two different leaflets by alternating between the two for example.
    • • Vastly speed up the preparation of your mailing by offsetting the mail packs for each postal sack, and by outsorting selected packs we are able to manually verify the contents without having to stop the machine
    • • Produce a “collation log” detailing the integrity of every item fed
  • No reduction in speed no matter how complex the mailing, up to a maximum of 12,000 packs per hour

In addition to our machine enclosing capabilities, we also have a dedicated and experienced team available for those mailings which cannot be mechanised, such as packing into boxes, jiffy bags or polybags.

To reiterate - we are a committed family team employing only individuals who demonstrate a like-minded attitude, willingness and ability to consistently go that extra mile for each and every customer, large or small.

Whatever your next mailing project, we are confident that we can save you time and money. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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We have over 28 years of experience in the direct mail industry. Our experienced team have worked at a variety of mailing companies learning the skills of the direct mail & printing trade.

We know how to organise a successful direct mail campaign and avoid all the pitfalls!

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“We came to GD Laser with a project that other companies found daunting. GD were positive, responsive and their systems extremely professional.

It felt like we spoke for the first time at the end of Thursday and two days later 15,000 salons had our product. That’s why we’ll use them again.”

Nick Plunkett, Trichocare, April 2007. More testimonials

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