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High quality, high speed laser and inkjet printing facilities enable us to produce the personalised elements of your mail pack quickly and efficiently and at very cost-effective rates. We can also produce bulk copies of non-personalised items, such as standard covering letters, and can print a Postage Paid Impression (PPI) and “if undelivered, please return to…” address to the front of plain envelopes which offers maximum flexibility and excellent cost savings against pre-printed envelopes for smaller production runs.

Make the most of what you know about your target audience to maximise your responses. Our sophisticated system allows you to change the letter copy from record to record and to print an unlimited amount of variable personalised information throughout the document. We can even use different base stationery within a single run. For example, we can print a personalised letter onto your letterhead followed by a fax-back or order form onto different stationery within the same print run.

We can easily laser around 170,000 items per day and our dedicated team ensures that quality is never compromised, whether you are writing to 50 people, or 500,000.

Full colour digital laser printing

For the highest quality laser printing and complete consistency, we use only industry-leading Xerox equipment to produce flat sheet items such as letters, response forms, fax-back forms, surveys, questionnaires, order forms and postcards.

The professional alternative to sticky labels: Our inkjetting facilities offer you a quicker, cheaper and better-looking alternative to traditional self-adhesive labels by printing directly onto your paper or board-backed envelopes, magazines and many other items up to 6mm thick.

Our flexible 5-head machine enables us to print a combination of graphics and text in a single pass at speeds of up to 10,000 items per hour at a 600 dpi resolution - your organisation’s logo and return address, the postage paid impression and the recipient’s name and address details can all be printed in less than half a second - and all at a fraction of the cost of supplying, printing and manually affixing the traditional label.

For added impact, we can use a mixture of different fonts and colours, such as a handwriting font in blue ink, to give your mail pack an even more personal look.

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About GD Laser

About our Laser Printing Services

We have over 28 years of experience in the direct mail industry. Our experienced team have worked at a variety of mailing companies learning the skills of the direct mail & printing trade.

We know how to organise a successful direct mail campaign and avoid all the pitfalls!

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Printing and Direct Mail Testimonials

“We came to GD Laser with a project that other companies found daunting. GD were positive, responsive and their systems extremely professional.

It felt like we spoke for the first time at the end of Thursday and two days later 15,000 salons had our product. That’s why we’ll use them again.”

Nick Plunkett, Trichocare, April 2007. More testimonials

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