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Finding the right medium for our business in the world of multi-media, web mail, advertising, mailshots and telemarketing has been little more than a lottery. Using GD Laser has taken the drudgery out of the equation. Now we just get results. Not only do we make man-time savings, but by regularly using the 'post card service' we have measurable increased income from a hitherto unpredictable profit centre. We are very pleased with GD Laser. Thank you

Darrell Alper, Pearl of Wokingham.

You are so professional and have very high standards which seems to be a bit of a rarity these days. Plus you are not afraid to challenge or question something that does not ‘sit right’ with you, again something people seem reticent to do.

Anna Franklin, Harbour Club, February 2010.

Cheers George, great service as always!

A Client, November 2008.

These proofs look great thanks… and thank you for spotting my (deliberate) mistakes.

What would I do without you?! (Send out unprofessional mistake-ridden mailers is the answer!)

A Client, January 2010.

GD Laser, as a laser house, have set the standard that all our other laser houses have to live up to. Anything that I can do in the future to get work to you, or recommend you to anyone I know within the industry, I will do. It has been a pleasure working with you.

A Client, May 2008.

Dear George, Why cant they all be like that?

Thanks very much to you and all your team for getting the mailing out so efficiently.

Here's to more business. Thanks again.

A Client, February 2010.

Thanks for being so flexible, and also for getting all the mailings out today - much appreciated, and if all our mailing houses were as good as you, my life would be a lot easier!

A Cient, December 2007.

Just a quick note to say thanks for all your hard work on getting the price increase letters out the door so successfully.

Must have been a complete nightmare for you and I am amazed at how smoothly the whole thing went.

A client, April 2009.

At Solologic we always enjoy working with GD Laser because we know that they offer fantastic levels of service and attention to detail. Their experience and knowledge is second to none and provides a solution we can really trust. All this and at extremely competitive prices too.

Daniel, Sologic, September 2009.

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We have over 28 years of experience in the direct mail industry. Our experienced team have worked at a variety of mailing companies learning the skills of the direct mail & printing trade.

We know how to organise a successful direct mail campaign and avoid all the pitfalls!

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“We came to GD Laser with a project that other companies found daunting. GD were positive, responsive and their systems extremely professional.

It felt like we spoke for the first time at the end of Thursday and two days later 15,000 salons had our product. That’s why we’ll use them again.”

Nick Plunkett, Trichocare, April 2007. More testimonials

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